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29 October
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Hi I'm Josh. I'm 20, I have 3 kids and wonderful fiancé Trish (consciousdream). My kids are Destiny(6), Ambriel(2), and Brennan(0). I'm one of those "hey computer guy, come fix my freakin computer" kind of people, lol. I'm almost done with my degree as a Computer Administrator, as well as being nearly completed with the requirements for my MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator). I have been doing web development for about 5 years, and am experienced with advanced HTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion, PHP programming as well as Apache Web Server, MySQL, etc. I'm also into body art, piercings, tattoos, scarification, branding, etc. I'm very into exotic pets: snakes, spiders, lizards, etc., though my collection isn't a large as it used to be.